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Mimix was one of my first product design endeavors: a 3-week long mock project with DESIGNATION. Each of us were tasked with designing an app addressing pain points in the gift giving process, a giant market with few options to alleviate hurdles that come with the art of giving the perfect gift. The result was a fun retro-tech twist on gift giving. This concept later went on to place 2nd in a Chicago Startup Weekend.



I started by creating a research plan from which I conducted domain research, a competitive analysis and exploratory interviews. I then synthesized personas, a journey map for our decided key user, and a design framework, from which I could ideate solutions and task flows. I learned a gap existed in the gift-customization space; I also found there was common desire to give a personal, thoughtful and affordable gift within a quick timeline.


User experience

Referencing my research findings I developed wireframe prototypes for two concepts encompassing the defined design principles of personalized, intuitive, forgiving, human and organized. The concept validated in initial user testing was Mimix, a digital revitalization of the mixed tape. As a next step, using a testing plan I developed, I was able to rapidly prototype in response to frequent user feedback until the final product had a refined architecture, hierarchy and fit user needs with a refreshing and delightful twist.


User interface

Exploring the visual interface design was a fun challenge as I remember making mixed tapes of my own; I explored two directions. The first direction reflects back to the era of the mixed tape; a time with vibrant colors and high-energy. The second direction (which ultimately went into implementation after A/B testing) is inspired by the classic black, gold and cream tones of cassette packaging.