b. 1986, HK.


Hi. I’m Laura Grey, a Product Designer and Experience Strategist.


I create product solutions and brand strategies through an agile design thinking process. Currently I lead research and product design at Digital Fleet.

Previously I developed the creative design process, handled account/project management and brand strategy to successfully launch ES99. Prior to that I helped small businesses and early stage startups, establish a focused and authentic brand strategy, product experience and web design.

Along the way I’ve been able to help Abelson Taylor and Magnani Continuum Marketing Agency service Fortune 500 financial and pharmaceutical corporations with user friendly tools and interfaces.

Outside of work you’ll find me running Hygge Folk, mingling at AIGA events, collaborating with DESIGNATION grads, taking walks around Ukranian Village or grabbing an iced coffee. Want to check out my work or collaborate? Reach out!


This means I take a step back to understand root obstacles and empathize with users. The outcome is focused designs founded on real feedback and effective frameworks. I’ll take you through the stages briefly below.

1. Research

Every project I take on begins by understanding the challenge, affirming stakeholder goals, assessing constraints, and analyzing available information previously gathered. Defining, planning and conducting research comes next, filling out remaining inquiries. 

2. Synthesize

One of my favorite parts of the process, synthesis involves a collaboration to develop tools and guidelines driving solutions and design decisions. These tools help us understand user traits and behaviors, journey pain points, root issues, and principles to keep at the core of the product.

3. Ideate

It's time to let the creative juices flow in the ideation phase! Here I rapidly brainstorm concepts based on synthesized data to quickly validate and evolve ideas.

4. prototype

Here I refine concepts into prototypes to get in front of users for fast feedback. Prototypes can be a range of fidelity from sketches, to high-fidelity.

5. Test

User testing with strategic tasks, questions and observations gives insights into improvements, all before UI design and development take place. This helps mitigate risks and serve users as best as possible for first launch.


A product is never complete. Once MVP design is ready and launched it's important to consider product roadmap, user feedback, objectives and key results and analytics to innovate and improve design.

I create product solutions through an agile, design-thinking process. 


My career is an evolving journey exploring where form meets function to create usable designs.

Lead Product Designer
Digital Fleet, Current

Senior User Experience Researcher and Designer
Abelson Taylor, 2017

Senior User Experience Designer
Established 99, 2016 - 2017

Project and Account Manager
Established 99, 2017

User Experience Designer
Magnani Continuum Marketing, 2016

User Experience Design Apprentice
DESIGNATION, 2015 - 2016

Packaging Design Engineer
Kraft Heinz, 2013 - 2015

Associate Packaging Design Engineer
Solo Cup, 2012 - 2013

Contract Packaging Design Engineer
Hillshire Farm, 2011




I’m always looking for opportunities to collaborate; let’s connect.